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Does WhatsApp Remove Locations?

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A common way to send images is to use WhatsApp. Many of my clients send me their images via the popular messenger. What many do not know is that by doing so, we lose much information. The simplicity of sharing images via WhatsApp comes with a huge disadvantage. First, WhatsApp performs compressions to reduce the size of the images.

We can see it in the following two images. The first one is the original, the second one is the received via WhatsApp.

Original image (100KB)
Received via WhatsApp (68KB)


Never send images via WhatsApp. Use Email, or any other services. If you are forced to use WhatsApp, prefer to send the image as a document.


Apart from the compression, WhatsApp also removes any metadata (to save size). In order to put them back, you can use a tool like GeoTagSEO.

Missing Location in your images?

Adding meta tags to your images improves search engine performance greatly!

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