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Fitness SEO: 7 Easy Practices You Should Implement Now

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Fitness SEO is important for fitness facilities, classes, and coaching, but it’s often forgotten when setting up websites and Google My Business pages. With a few easy tweaks, you can help your fitness business start ranking at the top of Google search results, leading to more new clients and more opportunities to help people on their fitness journeys. Here are 7 easy fitness SEO practices that you can implement today.

Fitness SEO Intro

Set up a Google My Business page

The most important thing you need to have set up to get new clients is a Google My Business (GMB). GMB results appear above the other web search results, so if you don’t have a GMB profile, your fitness business will be beaten out by competitors that do have one. To set up a GMB page, go to the Google My Business homepage, sign in, and click “Manage Now.” Then just follow all the prompts to fill in information about your fitness business. Make sure that you complete your profile as thoroughly as possible.

Add geotags to your images

Quality, optimized images are very important in the fitness industry as they showcase many vital aspects of your business. Including photos of you, the fitness facility, equipment, and client transformation are all great ways to encourage new clients to join and work with you. Adding geotags to your images before you add them to your GMB page or website can also help to boost your SEO and ensure that they appear to relevant people in your local area. Geotags are geographical coordinates embedded into your photos which tell Google their location. When someone searches for “fitness coach” in Google image search they are more likely to see your pictures if you’ve geotagged them. To do this, use a tool like GeoTagSEO. On the platform, you can upload your pictures and add coordinates and other image tags, titles, and descriptions that include fitness SEO keywords. Then you can redownload the pictures and upload them to your online listings.

GeotagSEO Overview

Use fitness SEO keywords

Keywords are an essential component of any SEO strategy. Adding keywords to your GMB page, website, photos, and other online listings will help boost your search ranking when people search for your services. Make sure you’re using relevant keywords that represent what you offer, and include your location name before or after the keyword to ensure they are targeted to locals (i.e., Fitness trainer Munich). Here are some fitness-related keywords to get you started:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Pilates center
  • Fitness Coaching
  • 24 hour fitness
  • Personal trainer
  • Athletic club
  • Fitness and health
  • Men’s fitness trainer
  • Weightlifting
  • Fitness club near me
  • Physical fitness
  • Health and nutrition coach
  • Sports Health
  • Marathon training
  • Fitness training programs
  • Weight loss coaching
  • Kickboxing class
  • Crossfit gym

Take advantage of customer reviews

Use the customer reviews section of your Google My Business section to build trust, show your expertise and boost SEO. Encourage all your clients to leave reviews on your Google My Business page, and request that they use keywords if possible. Ensure you leave a genuine response on all client reviews, and use keywords in your response. Google will take all this into account when ranking your listing.

Missing Location in your images?

Adding meta tags to your images improves search engine performance greatly!

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Add all your offerings as products

Take advantage of the “products” section on your Google My Business page to add all the different services you offer in your fitness business. If you have a fitness center, enter different packages and classes that you have available. If you’re a fitness coach, add the different types of coaching you offer. This way, people can easily see what you offer, giving you another opportunity to include valuable keywords.

GeotagSEO Detail

Other Google My Business optimization tips

There are other aspects of GMB that you can also optimize for SEO. Here are some of our top tips: Add keywords to the “tags” section. Include more locations in your targeted area. Use the specific name of towns/neighborhoods where your clients may live. Use the “posts” section to create special offers and add call-to-actions that will encourage people to try out your services (i.e. Looking for a fitness coach in Miami? Book a free consultation!) Include as many keywords in your description as possible.

SEO for fitness : Website

Your fitness website is another opportunity to boost your SEO and attract new clients to your business. Even if your website looks great, you need to implement SEO best practices if you want to ensure that customers can find you. WordPress is a great CMS for your fitness website since it has many SEO features and plug-in capabilities. It’s also relatively inexpensive compared to other platforms. You will need to use fitness SEO keywords in all aspects of your website, especially in the headings (H1, H2, H3s), domain lexical fields, and image tags. We also recommend creating a separate page for all your different offerings, giving you more opportunities to rank in search engines.

Get new clients with fitness SEO

Using these 7 best practices, you’ll help your website and Google My Business page rank higher in search results. The higher you rank, the more likely potential clients are to see your listing and what you have to offer. Make sure you optimize your profiles with high-quality, geotagged images (transformation photos work great), and watch as the new clients roll in.

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