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Dentist SEO Keywords: 100 top services to list on your website

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What are dentist SEO keywords, and why are they essential to get new patients? When a new patient is looking for a dentist, they head to Google to find someone in their local area who provides the service they are looking for, whether that’s a regular cleaning or something more intensive like teeth pulling. Google will then present them with relevant search results based on the keywords they searched for. And if you’re not using keywords on your business listing and website, you won’t appear in search results. So let’s look at the best SEO keywords for dentists and the top 100 services you need to list on your website if you want to attract new customers.

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Dentist SEO keywords: top services to list on your website

You should list every service you offer on your website and your Google My Business page. You don’t want to miss any potential patients who might be searching for a specific dental procedure. These services will serve as your SEO keywords, which you can use throughout your online listings to help you rank higher in searches. Here are 100 of the top keywords and services you should include:

  1. Orthodontist
  2. Emergency dental procedure
  3. Emergency Dentist
  4. Dental Clinic
  5. Children’s Dentist
  6. Pediatric Dentist
  7. Dental checkup
  8. Cavity treatment
  9. Tooth cavity filling
  10. Teeth filling
  11. Tooth filling
  12. Root canal
  13. Filling replacement
  14. Tooth crown
  15. Tooth replacement
  16. Inlay Onlay
  17. Anti-bruxism mouthpiece
  18. Sleep apnea mouthpiece
  19. Express cleaning
  20. Bone and gum graft
  21. Dental implants
  22. Wisdom tooth extraction
  23. Wisdom tooth pulling
  24. Teeth whitening
  25. Descaling
  26. Teeth polishing
  27. Swollen gums
  28. Mouth ulcers
  29. Gingivitis
  30. Tooth decay
  31. Family Dentistry
  32. Cosmetic dentistry
  33. Dental bridge
  34. Endodontist
  35. 24 hour dentist
  36. Tooth Xrays
  37. Extractions
  38. Dental exam
  39. Dentures
  40. Veneers
  41. Dental bonding
  42. Teeth contouring
  43. Oral Health
  44. Dental sealants
  45. Oral cancer screening
  46. Teeth bleaching
  47. Teeth shaping
  48. Porcelain veneers
  49. Tooth infection
  50. Sensitive teeth
  51. Gum infection
  52. Endodontic procedures
  53. Dentist for kids
  54. Dentist for infants
  55. Kid-friendly dentist
  56. Gum grafts
  57. Overbite
  58. Underbite
  59. Braces
  60. Invisalign
  61. Fluoride treatments
  62. Teeth cleaning
  63. Thin enamel
  64. Routine teeth checkup
  65. Oral examination
  66. Damaged teeth
  67. Chipped teeth
  68. Prosthodontic services
  69. Reconstructive surgery
  70. Maxillofacial surgeon
  71. Oral surgery
  72. Corrective jaw surgery
  73. Cleft palate correction
  74. Oral tumor
  75. Cracked tooth
  76. Tooth filling
  77. Gap teeth
  78. Tooth discoloration
  79. Teeth straightening
  80. Teeth alignment
  81. Teeth grinding
  82. Toothache
  83. Tooth pain
  84. Gum tenderness
  85. Hot and cold sensitivity
  86. Exposed nerve
  87. Jaw pain
  88. Baby teeth
  89. Bad breath
  90. Bleeding gums
  91. Snap-on veneers
  92. Composite veneers
  93. Full mouth dental implants
  94. Stained teeth
  95. Misaligned teeth
  96. Dental hygienists
  97. Radiographs
  98. Tooth pain medication
  99. Local anesthetics
  100. Qualified dental practitioner

Using image geotagging to reach local patients

GeotagSEO Overview Photos of your dental practice, yourself, and your staff are important to help build trust in potential patients. But they are also an important SEO tool. You will need high-quality photos on your Wordpress website and Google My Business page that showcases your hygienic facilities, pictures of yourself in your uniform, and any staff that patients will deal with on-site. You should also include images of any degrees or certifications you have. But before you add photos to any of your online listings, they must be optimized, so they help boost your search ranking. One of the ways you can do this is through geotagging.

Geotags will help Google identify where the image is taken to present it in search results to relevant users. But to add geotags, you will need to use a tool like GeotagSEO to embed the geographical data into the backend of your image. It’s straightforward to do and makes a big difference in your image’s ability to rank in Google search. Head to GeotagSEO, upload your photos, and use the left panel to choose your geolocation, plus add tags and descriptions using keywords we’ve included above. You can download your optimized image and upload it wherever you like.

Missing Location in your images?

Adding meta tags to your images improves search engine performance greatly!

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Use top dentist SEO keywords to increase traffic and get new patients

Including these 100 services as keywords on your website and Google My Business page will help you get more eyes on your online listings, but from there, it’s up to you to seal the deal. Optimizing your Google My Business profiles with quality, geotagged photos, responding to reviews, listing your services as “products,” and building a professional, authoritative website will all help increase trust and convert browsers to patients.

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